What do your dreams sound like?

Welcome to Dreamsonics, a music production company.

At Dreamsonics we want to know what your dreams are and how you would like them to sound. Currently, we offer

  • music composing
  • recording
  • mastering
  • film and media scoring

to support the sound of your dream.

Our equipment is simple where we utilize the principles of acoustics to give you the best quality production for your budget. In other words, we try to keep things simple by getting back to the basics of good sound recordings. Visit our Recording page to learn more about our equipment.

We also have three musical projects, Earthbeat, Thought Collision and Harateckk. Earthbeat has one CD released, titled, Tales of a Mystic Garden. The other two projects have CD's in production and we are working hard to release them soon. Visit our Music page to find out more about these projects, and when you do, be sure to also check out Elmar Kurgpold, solo saxophone artist!

So take a look around our website, listen to samples. Then, drop us a line using our Contact page, and let us know what your dreams sound like!!