About Us

Dreamsonics is a family run music production company based in Marin County, California. Established in 2003, we do recording, mixing, mastering and live sound. We compose and record our own music as well! Inspired by the elements of sound healing, the principles of acoustics, and our love of music, we work to root your dreams with quality sound production to help you bring your dreams alive. Drop us a line on our Contact page, and let us know what your dreams sound like and how we can help.


With over 30 years as a sound engineer, musician, system/network administrator, infrastructure architect, web site developer, and overworked dad, Elmar is now settling down a bit to devote his time to his passion for music, woodworking, and serving his communities. He is a multi-instrumentalist, playing saxophone, guitar, bass guitar, drums, and percussion and has been playing music since he was six years old, though he did not get serious about it until he was twelve when he began studying the saxophone.

During high school, Elmar started writing and recording music with just his father's dual tape deck. After high school, he found himself wanting to study music and music recording and buy cool gear. In 1986, Elmar went to USC to study music and recording arts. While at USC, he played with the marching band, took up playing the guitar and the bass guitar, and bought some cool gear. Through his studies in the Recording Arts department, he was able to do studio recordings of some of the music he was writing at the time. He also scored his sister's Cinema School film projects.

Exposed to world music through the belly dancers in his life, his mother and then his partner, Melanie, he started writing and recording music and drumming for Melanie’s belly dance performances that evolved into their first CD, Tales of a Mystic Garden, under a project they called Earthbeat which has now evolved into Harateckk. He also provided sound support for many of the haflas she danced at.

After the birth of his first child, Elmar played sax with the rhythm and blues band, Marin Sass, that performed at local Marin clubs and functions. With his family being temporarily dislocated from their home in 2005, Elmar spent some time playing solo sax for tips during Placerville’s main street events. Eventually, he joined a group up there, Gale and the Jazzers, where he played sax and provided sound support. Once home again, Elmar played sax for Michelle Rocking Horse Garcia and then the Linda Ferro band. Feeling a little creatively stuck, he started hanging out at the local blues jams and then met a guitarist who formed the band, the Dylan Black Project (Best Blues Band, 2017-19 Bohemian NorBay awards), where Elmar has been playing bass and providing sound support ever since (like at the 2019 NorBay Music Awards party ).

Elmar has also been joyfully handcrafting guitars in his wood shop. Needless to say, Elmar has a long, diverse background in music, sound, and technology and is always earnestly working to provide his clients the best quality sound support.


Being a wild dancing garden mama, Melanie is always up to growing something and therefore can provide support in seeing the seed of what you are trying to grow and the conditions needed from Dreamsonics to support what wants to grow. She has a degree in education, homeschooled her two children, is a passionate advocate for women’s health and well being, and is a longtime dancer, a wild medicinal gardener, and a health educator, especially around the medicines of soil and movement. Starting with learning the violin in school as a young person, her musical journey along with her dance  background eventually led her to the USC Marching Band where she became an ‘SC Silk (flag carrier) and met Elmar. In beginning their music production journey together, she assisted Elmar on his first remote recording project, a student trombone recital. Always trying to understand the deep connections of women’s wombs, their voices, and Mother Earth, she is passionately moved to understand what music makes her want to dance and, as a mother, what sounds soothe her nerves.


Passionate about children, Cydni brings the spirit of joy, empathy, and innocence to Dreamsonics with her rich vocals, meticulous creativity, and her quirky sense of humor. In other words, she keeps the rest of us remembering what really matters in life.